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Strategies of acquisition have both led to change in ad delivery and adapted to changing vehicles for ad delivery. Each step in the expansion of the Gross National Product and more important the Gross Global Product have come about due the expansion of products that grab the National or Global psyche and how effectively consumers are made aware of the product and their need for it.

Does need create the product or does product create the need? Obviously both, as with all centuries of the consumer society, any viable product with a proper marketing campaign behind it means an expanded market base and expanded profits. With so many products and services available in the world with an ever increasing ability to transport those products to a market in less and less time and the inter-global ability of the internet to deliver the message to such a large portion of the world makes it look like the sky is the limit.

As the transition in marketing accelerates at the speed of the internet times money, previously non existent web marketing and internet departments are born and expand at an alarming rate. Some companies will spend unnecessary millions in an attempt to buy customers already begging for their products. You can always throw money at your traffic problems but why throw dollars when you can throw pennies?

If you want a really targeted audience then dive into their favorite magazine. One of the nice things about a magazine is that it can be kept and looked at by your future customers numerous times over a period of months. So how can you make this generally expensive form of advertising work for you? One trick is obviously to get noticed. That means you can't look like all the other ads, you have to jump off the page.

Everything from the camp and almost surreal Infomercial to the Corporate advertising attempt at greatness through the eyes of the Super Bowl audience, television advertising has had true moments of greatness and all to often reels of almost pointless drivel disguised as expensive failed TV marketing strategies. Needless to say the Boob Tube represents the avenue to both advertising greatness and corporate advertising bankruptcy.

How is that done? Take one creative mind, mix with a healthy dose of demographic data and wrap it all up with an explosive graphic arts presentation and prepare for the onslaught of people begging you to take their money, well maybe.